Welcome to the Cologne MUN Society

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Cologne MUN Society goes …

Our society travels all around the world, attending a number of Model United Nations conferences every year.

To see where we’ve been so far, check out the MUN stories in the “Cologne MUN Society goes …” section of the menu.

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About us

This is the homepage of the University of Cologne’s Model United Nations team, member of the United Nations Youth Association Germany (JUNON).

So, who are you then?

We are a group of about 98 students from the University of Cologne, from all branches of study – from law and political science (obviously) over philosophy and regional studies all the way to medicine and mathematics. Twice a year, usually from July to August and from February to March, we call for applications. The call will be announced all over our social media presence, and of course on this website. Unfortunately, we can only accept a limited number of students, for organisational as well as financial reasons.

OK. But what do you do?

Model UN is an academic competition during which participants role play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. They discuss a variety of current topics in the different committees; such as the Peacekeeping Reforms, the Situation in the Central African Republic, the Legality of Humanitarian Interventions or Extreme Censorship of Journalists. Model UN is about coming up with Resolutions – that is everyone works together to write a comprehensive document that

a) identifies and discusses the problem and
b) comes up with original solutions.

In that sense, much like the real UN, the Model UN version is about negotiation and diplomacy, but it is much less constrained by, shall we call it, reality.
In Cologne, it is our belief that first and foremost Model UN is about exchanging ideas, about being creative and thinking of solutions that potentially may just change the world as we know it.
Conferences take place all over the world, all the time. Possibilities are endless. The Cologne MUN Society regularly participates in the very prestigious conferences in Oxford and Cambridge, and in the past has travelled to London, Paris, Rome, Hamburg, and Tel Aviv. In 2015, a delegation travelled to Seoul, South Korea, to take part in Harvard WorldMUN. We have also participated in NMUN in Kobe, Japan, in November 2016 and are currently preparing several delegates for the Harvard WorldMUN in Panama City.
What that means is, when you do Model UN you get to see the world. But that is not all. During your Model UN career, you will meet excellent people – at home as well as abroad – and talk and negotiate with capabale and engaged students from all over, from different backgrounds and diverse opinions. Participating in these conferences is both instructive and illuminating in more ways than you could image.

Sounds nice. But how can you possibly afford all this?

Here comes the good part. The University of Cologne, in its unparalled generosity, reimburses us for most of the expenses. We successfully applied for financing through the uni-owned QVM-fund. QVM, Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel in German, may be loosely translated into English as “means to improve the quality [of studies and research]”. Once a member of the society, every delegate can apply. Usually, the standard amount of the reimbursement covers participation fees, as well as costs for travelling and accomodation, though depending on which conference we attend where, we do pay some money on top.

Don’t be a stranger!

Feel free to contact us anytime with your inquiries at mun.cologne@gmail.com.
or via our Facebook Page.

Members of the Board:
Emilie Braun (President)
Antonia Römer (Vice-President)
Constantin Preuss-Neudorf (Treasurer)